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Onom Agemo and The Disco Jumpers feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy - Common Stars

(Agogo Records, Kidal / Berlin)

Afrobeat can be a pretty formal, sterile and sometimes even boring affair in the hands of many of Fela Kuti's admirers worldwide. Thankfully this is not the case with the oddly named Onom Agemo: Led by the restless saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher, this Berlin-based quintet has been pushing the boundaries of the genre to its most extreme, incorporating explosive Jazz improvisations, far out Krautrock, bubbly keyboard sounds and Psychedelia to create a spell-binding musical melange completely their own.

Now they are taking it to the road again with their old friend, exceptional Tuareg "desert blues" guitarist/singer Ahmed Ag Kaedy. Hailing from Kidal in the civil war-stricken north of Mali, Ahmed was a teen soldier before picking up an instrument to become a man of peace and music. His own band, Amanar ("starry sky"), is considered to be one of the most influential voices of the modern, guitar-driven sound of the Sahel.

After releasing a mutual seven inch and playing successful shows in 2018, the Malian / German Brotherhood is now back in full effect with a full-length album, called Tartit, to be released by Agogo Records spring 2022 and an accompanying tour next summer.

Listen to a selection of songs from Tartit here.

Booking / Tour

on tour in June and July 2022


23.06. DE Hamburg MS Stubnitz
24.06. DE Bremen Theater
25.06. DE Gedelitz Gasthaus Wiese
26.06. DE Berlin House of Music
29.06. DE Viechtach Schnitzmühle
30.06. DE München Milla
01.07. CH Genève Bains de Paquis
02.07. CH Basel Kaschemme
07.07. DK København Jazz Festival
08.07. DE Göttingen Vinyl-Reservat
09.07. DE Jena KuBa
10.07. DE Leipzig Markthalle Plagwitz