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Ustad Noor Bakhsh

(honiunhoni, Pasni)

Wow, what a crazy success! We are still flying on the unexpected but artistically well-deserved triumph of Noor Bakhsh’s first ever tours of Europe last year: The almost 80-year-old traditional musician hailing from Pakistan’s remote Balochistan region was greeted by capacity audiences almost everywhere they played. The performances of Noor and his sidekick Doshambay sent audiences into wild dancing frenzies, a perspective rather unusual for a performance played on two string instruments.

The pair played Roskilde, Le Guess Who?, WOMEX and other major festivals - a total of 40 shows, with short TikTok snippet videos of the concerts going viral immediately after the events (125 k views and more). Ustad Noor Bakhsh plays an unusual instrument with keys the locals call a "Benju", originally a musical toy from Japan called taishōgoto which had been brought to Pakistan by sailors. His first album  "Jingul" is currently receiving rave reviews everywhere. It came out digitally on the new Pakistani imprint honiunhoni at the end of 2022 and has been released on vinyl by Hive Mind Records in the UK in September 2023.

Booking / Tour

available in summer 2024


21.05. PT Évora Festival Imaterial
24.05. SI Ljubljana Druga Godba
28.05. BE Antwerpen Club Cabron
29.05. DE Wuppertal Open Ground
30.05. BE Gent Palmarium
31.05. DE Villingen MPS Studio
01.06. CH Düdingen Bad Bonn Kilbi
02.06. PT Porto Serralves em Festa
04.06. IT Ravenna Beaches Brew
05.06. IT Roma Monk
06.06. IT Perugia Sacred Noise
07.06. IT Finalborgo Cloister
12.06. DE Köln Stadtgarten
14.06. DE Göttingen Good Good
15.06. CZ Praha Respect Festival
16.06. NL Haarlem Houtfestival
21.06. NO Rollag Festival Motvind
23.06. PT Crato Waking Life
26.06. DE Lärz Fusion Festival
28.06. UK Falmouth Cornish Bank
29.06. UK Glastonbury Festival
30.06. UK Sowerby Bridge Puzzle Hall Inn
01.07. UK London Cafe OTO
02.07. UK London Cafe OTO
03.07. UK Bristol Jam Jar
04.07. UK Totnes Barrelhouse
05.07. UK Lewes The Con Club
06.07. CH Zürich Rote Fabrik
07.07. FR Montreuil Instants Chavires
11.07. DK København Jazz Festival
12.07. AT Spitz Glatt & Verkehrt
18.07. DE Berlin Humboldt Forum
19.07. NL s-Graveland Wonderfeel
20.07. FI Helsinki Odysseus